How much does OTTrack cost?

OTTrack is a subscription service with the low cost of $14.99 per year. Shorter terms are available for a lower price, if desired. All payments are made within the application via PayPal. All users will automatically receive a two week free trial period when creating an account. All features are available during the trial.

What devices are supported?

OTTrack will work on any device with an active Internet connection. This site is responsive and will automatically adjust for your screen size, regardless if on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Why should I use OTTrack?

Whether you are calculating your overtime in your last year of service, or just starting your career, properly monitoring your expected overtime is invaluable. OTTrack allows you to quickly identify discrepancies between what you are expecting, and your actual check. In addition, OTTrack manages all aspects of your leave balances so you can properly plan your vacations and lost time usage.

How do I use OTTrack?

While many aspects of OTTrack are self explanatory, there is a full user guide and support desk available to answer any questions. To access them, click the appropriate link on the bottom of any page once you login. If you cannot find the answer you need in the User Guide, simply go to the Support Center and submit a help ticket.

How often is OTTrack updated?

OTTrack is actively maintained and new features are released regularly. When updates are required to support policy changes or new forms, these are usually implemented within a few days. Feature requests can be submitted via the Support Center, and if accepted, would be included in our release schedule.

I signed up, but didn't receive my validation email.

The email validation should be received within a few minutes. If you don't see it, check your spam folder and whitelist emails from ottrack.com. You can resend the validation email by going to the registration page and clicking the link just below the password caption. Enter the email you signed up with and click submit. If you receive an error stating that the account does not exist, then you may have had a typo in the email. Just register a new account with the correct email and follow the same process.

I'm still having a problem. What do I do?

If you are still having issues and are unable to login to your account, click this link and submit a support request. Please include as much information as possible. You will receive a response within 24 hours.