About the Application

Everything you need to know to get started.

The Overtime Tracking System started as an Excel based spreadsheet in 2005. Over the years, the application developed into a robust system utilized throughout the New York Police Department to track overtime, vacation, chart days, compensatory time, as well as print overtime slips and leave of absence reports. Due to continual enhancements and increasing difficulty in managing an Excel based document, OTTrack was re-developed as a web based application and launched in early 2015.

OTTrack.com supports all of the legacy functions of the original spreadsheet with multiple additional enhancements. Users can now access and update their data at anytime, from any web enabled device. The system is no longer limited to tracking a single year, but rather, can manage a user's entire career. Complex schedules, such as the detective duty chart, are more easily configured.

TIP1 : After logging in for the first time, fill in all pedigree and chart information. The system easily supports promotions and chart changes just by simply including the effective date of the change. Data prior to the date of change will remain unaffected.

TIP2 : Use the mobile view, automatically activated when browsing from a phone, to quickly and easily enter information at the conclusion of details and other field activities. No longer do users need to update their information days later after working a detail.


OTTrack accepts details for every day of a user's career. After the initial setup, the application will automatically identify and set the appropriate RDOs, tour numbers, and dates. From there, routine daily entry will allow users to track their entire career.

  • Enter start and end times for each day
  • Choose from a list of excusals, fully counted and managed.
  • Calculates chart time and comp time automatically.
  • Fully interactive, color coded calendar.
  • Print OT slips and Leave of Absence Reports (28s).
  • Examine yearly overviews and comparisons.

How To Start

After your first login, you will be brought to the Options page. There, enter your pedigree, chart, and other options. Adjust your overall start date (defaulted to the date of account creation) to whatever day you wish to begin tracking.

Entering Information

Each day, enter your start and end times, plus any ancillary information you need (e.g., OT log numbers, location, reason, etc.), or select one of the excusal options whenever necessary. All usage and accrual of cash and time will be tracked on the Overview page.

The Overview, Calendar, and Charts pages provide numerous perspectives to view and analyze your tour and overtime information.

Generating Forms

Simply click on the print icon on the desired row on the Entries page to print the necessary form. Overtime or leave of absence reports will be selected and generated as appropriate. Users can then print their form on any connected printer, or save the form as a PDF for later usage.